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Eco-Friendly Solutions for Maintaining Your Community Association Waterbody

by Geoffe Browne on Jun 27, 2019 8:03:00 AM

A pond or lake in your community is not only an attractive feature but can also have environmental benefits when cared for properly. Quick and easy solutions that may involve chemicals often do more damage than good. In order to have a thriving pond or lake with a healthy ecosystem, associations should implement the best practices for care and maintenance. Green community management is a win-win for your community and the environment. Here are a few helpful eco-friendly solutions for the waterbody in your association:

Treating Waterbody Plant Life

Weeds can appear everywhere, even in water. Two types of weeds that thrive in water are watermeal and duckweed. These weeds prevent the sun from reaching plants that are especially important to fish and other pond or lake life. 

Treating the weeds with chemicals can greatly affect the environment. The chemicals will leach, a process of separating from the soil, and infiltrate groundwater. The process isn't immediate, however, it is damaging and easily preventable by not using chemicals to treat your waterbody. 

Eco-friendly solutions, like that of ProSkim, remove the weeds in a way that's safe for everyone. ProSkim, for example, acts like a large vacuum that removes the weeds, filters the debris from the water, then returns the cleaned water to the waterbody. 

Aquascaping and Fish Stocking Your Waterbody

Once you remove the weeds, do some "aquascaping" by adding native plants. These plants will prevent exotic plants from returning. They will also serve as nutritious food and nesting areas for wildlife. 

To assist with future weeds, add some Triploid Grass Carp. These natural weed eaters will help control your pesky weed problem and the lake provides them with the perfect home for their long life in water. For ponds and lakes to thrive, fish life is essential. Why not add these helpful carp, while providing them and the lake, with a beneficial partnership.

Add a Fountain to Your Pond or Lake

A fountain in the middle of a pond or lake adds ambiance to your community. Fountains are tranquil and attractive, and they have benefits for your waterbody. 

Some of the important work that fountains perform is the aeration process that starves out the nutrients algae needs to grow. As part of the aeration, process, the fountain pushes the algae spores deep into the water, away from the sun. The less sun the algae encounters, the less chance of it thriving in your waterbody.

Other benefits of fountains include the removal of bad odors, decreased mosquitoes, and the creation of a better habitat for fish life. The next time you notice a fountain in a pond or lake, know that its work is more than beauty; that it is performing important eco-friendly work. 

About RealManage

Communities that care about the environment are attractive places to live. A well-cared-for pond or lake on the property shows an association's commitment to the best green practices. At RealManage, our professional team understands that eco-friendly is not only a trend but rather a way to give back to the environment. 

We work with boards to create engaging communities, to manage budgets, and to find ways to go green. Saving the environment takes all of us, not only some of us. A dirty pond or lake with a bad odor or broke foundation reflect badly on the association. Treat your waterbody with the respect it deserves as not only a place of tranquility but as a place of environmental importance.

RealManage provides professional management services for HOAs, condominiums, mixed-use, and more.  To learn how we can work with your association in all matters of community management, contact us today. 

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