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Consider These Six Easy Ways to Improve Home Security

by Kimberly Sutherland on Mar 31, 2022 9:30:00 AM

No matter how safe your neighborhood appears to be, keeping crime rates low is a key goal in every community. Ensuring a secure environment requires a collaborative effort, and each resident has a duty to play in preserving the place they call home. Here are six things you can do to secure your property and successfully reduce crime in your community.

Make Friends with Neighbors

A good and trusting relationship with your neighbors can be a win-win situation. Neighbors will look out for one another when they have a cordial relationship. They will be more likely to report any suspicious behavior around your home. Neighbors can also help with looking after your children.
You can familiarize yourself with your neighbors by planning get-togethers. Attending board meetings is a great way to meet your neighbors too. Hello to your neighbors will strengthen the bond. Arranging play dates or walks also enhances the relationship.

Make It Appear Like You're Home

This will work when your property is vacant or when on a trip. An appearance of occupancy will reduce the chances of burglary. Burglars are more likely to walk away if they notice occupancy. On the other hand, signals of an empty house attract burglars.
To maintain an appearance of occupancy, you can have lights on timers in the house. In addition, having a clean car in the driveway will create an impression that someone is home. Trimming bushes and mowing your lawn is also a good idea.

Invest in a Security System

Security systems offer the surest prevention of crime when used effectively. The CCTV camera system will enable you to monitor your home at all times. You can connect this system to your mobile phone to monitor your home from wherever you are. Fake CCTV cameras installed in visible areas are an excellent discouragement to burglars.

Smart locks are also an effective security system. Installing a smart lock will eliminate the need for a spare key. It will also notify you whenever the door opens or closes. Video doorbells and alarm systems can also come in handy.

Light Up Your Outdoors

Burglars often target dark neighborhoods. Proper exterior lighting reduces hiding spots and exposes activities happening outside the house. Consider putting bulbs above the staircases, in the garden, and around the swimming pool. It is appropriate to use tamper-proof light fixtures for outdoor lighting.

Motion detection lights will light up immediately somebody passes. It will provide an added layer of security. Nevertheless, exterior lighting will protect your family and friends from accidents. Besides, exterior lighting is aesthetically pleasing.

Organize Community Security Efforts

Community security efforts require participation from every resident in the neighborhood. Encourage neighbors to disclose burglary incidents on neighborhood safety apps. Informing residents about security details will give them a better understanding of what to look for.

Community leaders should maintain a strong relationship with the local police department. The community leaders ought to share emergency response information with the residents. These leaders should provide a platform for information sharing. Most importantly, residents should alert the neighborhood of any suspicious incident.

Keep Up Your Yard

A well-kept landscape will help deter crime. Overgrown and unkempt landscaping will offer hideouts to intruders. Trees with low climbable limbs are favorable for intruders. A messy yard can signal intruders that the house is empty.

You can design your landscape to offer additional security. For example, consider planting thorny bushes around windows to discourage break-ins. When planning your compound, consider erecting a fence. Finally, always secure vital entryways with doors or gates.

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