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What to Do Before Starting a Neighborhood Watch in Your Community

by Staff Writer on Feb 21, 2023 4:00:00 PM

As crime rates continue to rise in many areas, neighborhood watches have become an increasingly popular way for communities to come together to keep their neighborhoods safe.

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Neighborhood watches are community-led groups that work together to monitor and report suspicious activity to local law enforcement. They can be highly effective at deterring crime and creating a greater sense of security among residents.

If you're part of a community association and interested in starting a neighborhood watch in your area, there are several key tips and strategies to keep in mind. 

In this blog post, we'll explore some of the most important tips and strategies for conducting a neighborhood watch in your community. Whether you're a seasoned community leader or just getting started with neighborhood watches, these tips will help you create a safe and secure neighborhood for everyone.

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Establish a Law Enforcement Liaison

A law enforcement liaison is a law enforcement officer who helps establish and support community watch groups.

The liaison works with communities to develop goals for watch programs and teaches them how to execute the programs in real life.

A watch program is the eyes and ears of a police officer when he or she is not around. Therefore, establishing a law enforcement liaison to help develop the program is only sensible.

Conduct Background Checks

Most programs have watch leaders and block captains who are responsible for leading watches on a rotating basis and ensuring that watches are conducted according to program rules.

People who hold watch leader positions should demonstrate excellent character and have a clean legal record to gain the trust of the community. Conducting background checks on candidates helps to ensure that both conditions are met.

Establish a Protocol For Action

When participants observe suspicious activity, they should have a protocol that guides their actions.

  • When should police be called?
  • Are there situations in which participants should try to intervene in criminal activity?
  • Should participants be outfitted with equipment that helps them control a dangerous situation?
These are some important questions that a police liaison can help a community answer as it plans its neighborhood watch program.

Consult an HOA Management Company

HOA management companies work with association-governed communities to improve services, including community security.

If your community needs assistance planning neighborhood watches, an HOA manager will provide helpful advice based on the needs of your community. For more information about planning neighborhood watches, contact us today! 

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