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How Attending HOA Orientations Help You Unpack Success

Moving into an HOA can be stressful, but attending your association's orientation can be very helpful. Read here to learn more.
Annette Byrd, CMCA®, PCAM® | Dec 17, 2020 | 3 min read
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HOAs and COAs often get a bad rap and bring to mind the rule-obsessed "Cynthia" on the humorous Geico commercial. But the fact is, most people are overwhelmingly satisfied with community association living according to the 2020 Homeowner Satisfaction Survey. That is why, unsurprisingly, there are over 351,000 HOA communities operating in the US accounting for over 40 million housing units and over 60% of new communities. 

Community associations exist, among other things, to make the lives of community members easier and more comfortable. When buying a home or condo in an association-run community, one of the first and most valuable things you can do to ensure successful community life is to attend the orientation. While it may be easy to relegate its importance to the back burner during such a busy time, making it a priority can be the first step in unpacking a happy and fulfilling life in your new community. Read on to discover why. 

Receive a Detailed Tour of the Community

It is true for most of us that we are more familiar with the amenities in a town we vacationed in for a week than the one we have lived in for a decade! If you want to live like you are vacationing, or just want to be able to enjoy added convenience by leveraging nearby amenities, the HOA orientation is the best place to start. An association orientation often includes a detailed tour of the community so you become familiar with important amenities such as hiking trails, gyms, business centers, pools, clubhouses, and more.

Learn The Highlights and Details of Community Life

When you move into any community there is a collection of easily missed details such as trash day, maintenance schedules, street sweeping times, or community gatherings at the clubhouse. The orientation provides all the details and prevents you from having to run out in your robe and slippers to get the trash cans out on time. It can also provide information about other "community only" details such as information about levels and types of security, parking restrictions, visitor rules, and more. 

Learn the Rules and Get Clarification

The beauty of HOA/COA rules, called Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs), is that these limits and rules placed on a group of homes or condominium complex by a neighborhood association or homeowners association keep everyone on the same page. They help retain neighborhood property values and maintain fairness and order. During orientation, you learn the basic Dos and Don'ts of community life and are able to ask for clarification where needed. This means even as you're unpacking and decorating, you'll be sure to be in perfect harmony with the community standards and avoid any violation notices.

Receive Information Specific to Moving-in

Moving is stressful enough without having to learn any restrictions on the fly. The orientation can provide helpful move-in specifics such as where trucks can park, loading zones, time restrictions, and even tips from the move-in veterans to help make the process easier.

Find Out About Community Events

HOA/COAs are less about what you can't do than they are providing for and organizing great things that you can do. The orientation is the best place to discover information about community events, the types, as well as when and where they are held. Knowing the information from the time you move in can aid entering into community life swiftly and easily and help you meet your new community neighbors.

Discover Ways You Can Participate

Whether you have a skill you'd like to share or want to expand your resume with volunteer work, you can discover a wealth of ways to contribute to your new community at the orientation meeting. You can learn about how to serve on the HOA/COA board or one of many committees, or how to help those who already do by volunteering your time to short-term commitments such as events and projects. 

HOAs and COAs provide the perfect platform for participating in and serving your community, and the best place to start is at the beginning with the orientation.

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