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July 11, 2017
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6 Tips about Proper Pool Maintenance for your HOA

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It's midsummer now, and HOA pools everywhere are open. The pool is a high maintenance community feature. When it comes to proper pool maintenance for your HOA and money-saving tips, what you don't know might just surprise you. The following are six tips on pool maintenance and on saving on the operating costs of your community's pool.

Hire a professional pool manager. The National Swimming Pool Foundation recommends that all pool facilities hire a certified, professional pool manager. Hiring a professional manager can help the HOA ensure that the facility is safe in operation and running smoothly, efficiently. The National Swimming Pool Foundation certifies pool operators (as do other recreational organizations) so you can rest assured that the manager you hire understands and carries out his pool services according to best practices for the profession.

Audit pool equipment before the pool opens for the summer. Task your professional pool vendor with auditing the pool's equipment. If the pool is an outdoor pool, then it has lain empty and unused until the summer. Many things can go wrong during the cold, winter months, especially in areas where winter can mean a hard freeze. If you have an all-year-round indoor pool, then there's been wear and tear on the equipment for the entire year. Before summer is in full swing, have the professional pool manager close the pool for inspection and any repairs. You might also consider hiring an energy auditor to determine whether your pool setup could use an upgrade to energy-efficient elements. If you decide to buy upgrades, always make sure to use a licensed pool contractor who knows the pool trade, not a general contractor. And remember to keep up proper pool maintenance all summer long to maintain safe water safety levels.

A variable speed pump saves energy which saves you money. Manufacturers of variable speed pumps say that they use 75% less energy than single speed pumps. You will also find that most counties expect pool water to turn over a particular number of times in a day. Your certified professional manager will know how to calibrate the variable pump so that it provides the HOA with the required number of water turnover and the most savings.

Automated chemical controls save time and money. The automated chemical control systems today take all the guesswork out of the chemical side of pool management. The systems have sensors that provide feedback on the chemical state of the pool water. It periodically tests the water and, if necessary, adds the exact amount of chemicals needed to bring the water back into balance. In practical terms, that means the HOA is only using the chemicals necessary to keep the water safe instead of overdosing the pool -- which also saves on the amount of chemicals the pool needs to buy.

The automated chemical systems are not inexpensive and most likely costs vary from state to state. Even so, quick research indicates that you can probably expect to pay at least a couple thousand dollars for such a system. On the other hand, manufacturers claim a 30% decrease in chemical costs.

O Solar Mio! Solar energy provides the cleanest way to heat pool water and do it more efficiently than by using a gas heater. The way it usually works is that the solar panel contractor installs the solar panels directly above the pool area on the facility roof where it gets lots of sun. The solar panels have the same surface dimensions as the pool. The sun heats the solar panels, and the water passes through the solar panels where it warms. It's a pricey upgrade -- anywhere from $10,000-$40,000 depending on the size of the pool--, but experts say the HOA can recoup the cost in about 18 months.

To learn a bit more about the hazards from improper pool maintenance, read the article entitled "Pool (germ) party: Pathogens in the water can make you sick, but diligent maintenance reduces the risk."


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