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5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home!

by Jennifer Harvey on Feb 11, 2021 9:45:00 AM

Even before quarantining became the norm, for many, Valentine's day could be overwhelming some. Whether you are spending the day with a romantic partner, your family, or even just by yourself (You only need one person to eat a box of chocolates), here are a few ways that you can enjoy the holiday without ever leaving your house.

1. Movie Marathons

AdobeStock_53141300Grab the popcorn and get ready for a marathon event of sappy love stories, or maybe you prefer a bit of action, or you can go for a full rebellion and spend the "love and hearts" holiday watching all the horror you can handle. Whatever your preferred genre, there are plenty of ways to watch and relax this February 14th and get your movie date on. 

Suppose you are watching alone but want to invite some friends for a socially distanced event. In that case, you can use sites like Telepathy, which connect you to your friends and fellow movie buffs via a browser extension so that you can all be watching the movie together and have a place to chat about your favorite scenes. 

2. Indoor Picnic

PicnicMake some space on your living room floor and bring out all of your favorite food items to make a cozy and fun indoor picnic. You can go all out with a unique "picnic blanket and basket" to make it feel just like would in warmer weather but inside where it's nice and warm. 

The menu doesn't have to be anything special, and it doesn't even have to make sense; pick your favorites and have them ready for a nice relaxing meal on the floor. Grab your favorite bottle of wine to make your picnic a bit boozier, or order in your favorite pizza with extra toppings to make it feel more luxurious. Whatever your choice to eat, make sure that you are comfortable and enjoy yourself to make the most of the holiday.

3. Take a Cooking Class

AdobeStock_269579340You don't need to be a Chef to take an online cooking class, though you may need to check out the ingredient and tool list to ensure you get prepared for class. Make preparing a Valentine's Day meal special by signing up for a virtual cooking class. Side note: this is another excellent group date with friends. Sur La Table's classes start at $29 per household and cover everything from full meals to happy hours and desserts.

Suppose you're more into going at your own pace. In that case, you can order meal kits from some of your favorite local restaurants that have all of the things you need to make a masterpiece from the comfort of your own home, plus the added benefit of supporting your local businesses in a time when they need it the most.

4. Get Creative

AdobeStock_132971556Don't worry if you aren't a world-renown artist, one of the best ways to get in a good mood is to get creative! Whether your canvas is, well, a canvas, or your face, it doesn't matter because there are plenty of arts and crafts tutorials online for free on YouTube. Like Royalty Soaps, some crafters offer a variety of classes for every level to start making handcrafted items like soap and candles.

Or, if you are feeling more advanced, you can take an online painting class from sites like Skillshare, where some may require payment, others are free. It is also the perfect way to spend the day with friends virtually, so you can compare your artisan skills and share a laugh when things don't always go so perfectly.


AdobeStock_77998329This last suggestion may be a personal preference, but when the grocery store aisles get packed with yummy heart-shaped boxes filled to the brim with sweet treats, there's nothing better to do than grab a few and eat your fill. It is Valentine's Day, after all!
If you're one of those lucky people blessed with willpower, you can also wait until the day after and hit up your local shops to get some killer deals on post-holiday candies, but we won't judge you either way!
This Valentine's day, take a few moments to tell those around you how special they are to you. After a year or more in quarantine for some of us, it's important to remember that no one is alone.

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