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5 Methods the HOA Board Can Use to Improve Homeowner Experience

by Nikkole Luna on Sep 23, 2021 9:30:00 AM

As more people demand to live in a homeowners' association (HOA), there is an ever-growing pressure for the services to improve or maintain the high standards already set. Impeccable HOA services help improve the standards of property maintenance, provide the necessary amenities for the residents, and create an avenue where the residents' concerns can be addressed. This increases the resale values of the properties.

On the other hand, if the HOA board is poorly run, it will lead to dissatisfaction amongst residents, and probably, the resale values of the properties might drop.

How HOA Board Members Can Improve the Homeowner Experience

A reasonable HOA should always strive to improve the residents' experiences by:

  • Enhancing Regular Communication

Forgetting your homeowners as your constituents is a cardinal sin. If anything, the HOA board depends on the association's members to collect fines, fees and conduct assessments. Simply put, the association's members are the core of any HOA board.

With that in mind, the residents need to know how the money they contribute gets utilized. They need to know when every major decision gets made and if a plan will affect them, whether positively or otherwise. This can only happen if there is proper communication in place.

With the current rapid technological transformation, you can communicate with your residents through emails, social media, and notices. Some of the messages that you can frequently pass across include board meetings schedules, elections, and any opportunities that may be available for the public.

  • Involve the Community Members

A successful HOA board has the involvement and full cooperation of the homeowners. When like-minded people come together, it is easier to manage the community and improve relationships.

The experiences are a lot more exciting. Once you identify the experience and expertise your homeowners have, you can work together to achieve more incredible things for the community.

  • Connections are a Plus

As soon as a new resident checks in, strive to create a connection by welcoming, friendly, and ensuring that the environment encourages inclusivity. For instance, you can develop a "welcome packet" containing details other than the required legal information.

These details may include social events and organizations that the new resident might want to participate in. You can also ask any restaurants, nail salons, dry cleaners, and pet groomers within your community to come up with coupons and promotional offers for your new residents.

Also, it is always vital to know how your older residents are doing. Ask them if there is something you can do to improve their stay. For example, organizing social events that all the board members must attend is a plus.

  • Maintain Utmost Professionalism

Whether you are making short-term or long-term decisions, be SMART about them. As a board member, every decision you make will affect your community; approach every decision-making process with care and competency.

  • Listen to Your Homeowners

Accessing any HOA board member should be the least of any resident's problems. All managers should be accessible, readily available, and responsive. If a homeowner sends you an email, even if you do not have the answer to the question asked at that moment, let the homeowner know that you have received their mail and that you are working on it.

It would be better to include a specific time or date when the response will be ready.

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