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November 14, 2023
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4 Fun Thanksgiving Events For Your HOA Community

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Thanksgiving decor

Thanksgiving is also the official beginning of the holiday season. Families travel across the country to share one enormous meal together, and your community is no exception. Every family in your neighborhood is making Thanksgiving plans, and you can celebrate with them by hosting one or more fun Thanksgiving-themed events this week.

This is your chance to offer something fun for the kids, hilarious for the adults, and useful to the community. Thanksgiving events can be great fun, especially if you invite the community to drop by for an hour or two while the festivities are ongoing. However, you may be wondering what kind of events are appropriately Thanksgiving-themed, and that's what we're here to talk about today. Here are four great Thanksgiving ideas for an association event.

Scarecrow Building Day

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to celebrate all things autumn and harvest related. Including the friendly scarecrows that guard our crops (or yards). This year, consider inviting your community to come together for an afternoon of scarecrow building. This is a surprisingly easy and fun project that requires nothing more than a few dowel rods, a bale of hay, and a collection of old clothes.

You provide the dowel rods and the hay and encourage everyone to bring the clothes they want to dress their scarecrow in. Then, simply stuff the clothes with hay, tie them closed at the ends, and prop them up on posts. Not only can this be a fun afternoon, but it also gives everyone a unique-but-matching yard decoration that will last for a week or so.

Turkey Trot Field Day

If it's not too cold in your region yet, a little outdoor time can be perfect for the kids. With winter on its way, this may be the local children's last chance to run and play freely outdoors. For an outdoor event, consider hosting a 'turkey trot' field day. Invite everyone to join you for field game classics like three-legged races, relay races, egg spoon races, hula hoop competitions, and more.

Make sure to add a few craft tables (turkey hands and corn mosaics) for the little kids and snack tables for the grownups to linger around. Everyone will have a great time running around, winning prizes, and comparing their future holiday plans.

Charity Canned Food Drive

In the spirit of bounty and gratitude, Thanksgiving is a great time to hold your first charity drive of the year. This week, you can open a collection for canned food and dry pantry goods. Together with your community, you may be able to give less fortunate families a chance to have a complete Thanksgiving of their own.

Not only does it feel great to give back to the community, but Thanksgiving is also a great time for food drives because everyone is rummaging through their pantries. While answering the question "Do I still have that box of baking soda?" they will discover dozens of packaged foods that just aren't going to be eaten. Having a food drive box in the HOA office is a very convenient place to put these unwanted canned goods and feel good doing it.

Leaf Pile Jumping

Finally, let's not underestimate the gold mine of fallen leaves on your association grounds. While your landscaping service may be happy to remove the piles for you most days, consider building up a collection of leaves on the week before Thanksgiving. Put out flyers and let everyone know that there will be one great final leaf pile collected and everyone is encouraged to drop by and jump in. Then make sure it's an open event.

Welcome children coming home from school to take a big leap 'on the house' before they head home to do pre-thanksgiving homework. Welcome small children with stay-at-home parents earlier in the day to come by and play in the leaves that have been collected just for fun. And prepare for an evening raid on the great leaf pile by local teenagers who may not want to be spotted acting like playful children in the leaves. Everyone will have a great time with this basically no-cost event.


Is your HOA making holiday plans? Don't forget to include Thanksgiving with some low-key themed events that the whole neighborhood can enjoy. For more great HOA advice from internal management to neighborhood tips, contact us today!


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