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Easy Ways to Prevent Residential Burglaries

by Amanda Causey on Mar 5, 2015 7:38:48 AM

To one degree or another, most residential burglaries are crimes of opportunity. When they set out to steal something, most burglars prefer to take the path of least resistance, and tend to avoid residences where occupants have taken special measures to prevent theft.

If your condominium complex has recently experienced a rash of burglaries, there are five simple measures you can take to make condominiums unattractive to burglars. A provider of condominium association management can help you implement these measures.

Create a Neighborhood Watch Program

Creating an effective neighborhood watch program cannot be done in a day, but once the program is up and running, it can significantly decrease the likelihood that burglaries will occur in your community.

According to the National Neighborhood Watch Program, U.S. burglaries decreased roughly 30 percent during the 1990s, due in large part to neighborhood watch programs that take a proactive approach to preventing crime. A provider of condominium association management can provide helpful advice for implementing a watch program.

Implement Residential Alarm Systems

The last thing that burglars want to do is attract attention. This is why they tend to avoid residences that have alarm systems. Installing an alarm system need not be expensive. Outfitting doors and windows with battery-powered alarms that go off when a door or a window is opened should provide a sufficient level of deterrence.

For added protection, residents should be encouraged to implement an easy to see sign that indicates that an alarm system is in place. In many cases, the sign itself is enough to make would-be burglars move on to another target that is less protected.

Leave Lights on When No One is Home

Most burglars prefer to invade a residence when no one is home. This is why it is important for condo residents to make it appear as if someone is inside their condo unit at all times. The easiest way to do this at night is to leave lights burning inside the residence.

Most burglars are strictly interested in stealing and not committing other crimes -- such as assault and battery and destruction of property -- during the course of a burglary. The prospect of encountering someone inside a residence is often enough to keep would-be burglars at bay.

Keep Doors and Windows Locked

A seasoned burglar prefers to enter residences through a door or window that is unlocked. In addition to allowing a burglary to be committed unobtrusively and expeditiously, entering through an open door or window may prevent the thief from being charged with breaking and entering. The more legal implications a burglary could involve, the less attractive it becomes.

Keep Valuables Out of View

Your Picasso painting may be the pride and joy of your art collection, but that doesn’t mean that it should be displayed in the front window of your condo for the world to see. When burglars “case out” a condo, it is often because they notice something about the residence that indicates that valuables are inside. Keeping your valuables out of view makes a condo less attractive to thieves.

Need to Improve Condo Security?

If so, observing the measures above is a good place to start. Creating a neighborhood watch program, implementing alarm systems, leaving lights on when no one is home, keeping doors and windows locked, and keeping valuables out of sight can significantly decrease the attractiveness of your condominium complex to burglars.

For assistance with implementing these measures and others that help to prevent residential burglaries, contact a provider of condominium association management today to schedule a free consultation.



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