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Creating A Vision For Your Homeowners Association

by Staff Writer on Aug 2, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Residents serving as board members of a Homeowners Association often fall into the trap of taking every issue facing the community as the top priority, and often can

lead to out of control budgets,conflicting interests, and unhappy homeowners. Therefore to help keep things on track, HOA Board Members should create a vision for their homeowners association and strive to stick to that plan. Creating a vision will ensure that the community obtains its maximum potential for achieving its set goals.

The first step of building the association's vision requires that the board and the HOA management companyhave an in-depth understanding of the community as a whole, including budgets, geographic constraints, etc. It is great to want to grow your homeowner's association into a community with the best parks and pools, but if your budget only allows for a few water fountains, you should consider focusing your time and energy on something more realistic. Having a complete understanding of the dynamics of your community will be a large factor in building out your vision.

Once your board has an understanding of what direction they want to take, the next step will be to create a Mission Statement; which you can share with your HOA Community Manager. It is important to keep your mission statement as a simple directive, such as “Our community will strive to form a cohesive community through organized social events”. You should avoid complicating your vision with many goals such as “Our community wants the best pools, parks, encompassing insurance policies, social events, and trash removal”.

In summary, once you have created your Mission Statement, your Community Association Manager can work with the board to help plan, establish timelines, monitor, and control new projects as they come along. There will always be projects that pop up, but when it comes to projects that develop your community, your vision and mission statement will always be there to guide your decisions.

We hope these tips help you in creating a vision for your homeowners association!

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