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COA | Relationship Facilities Manager and Association Manager

by Staff Writer on Jan 16, 2018 7:00:00 AM

The relationship between the facilities manager and an association manager is a dynamic one that involves many gives and takes. Each person has their own role to fulfill along with responsibilities and tasks. They must be true to their constituents while still must be accommodating and compromising with the other side. They have a long-term relationship that they must build and keep cordial.

Facility Manager

The facility manager usually runs an individual property or location in a wider community. They are the first person to go to when something breaks down or needs fixing. They are in charge of landscaping, HVAC, water, electricity and general maintenance. They have to make sure that the trash is taken out and that the facility is tidy.

Sometimes the facilities manager lives on the premises. They often go by the nickname "Super" in these cases. They are the person that handles the day to day emergencies. They know everybody in the facility and keep tabs on any suspicious activity for other tenants.

However, the facilities manager is not responsible for any other building in the community. In addition, they have nothing to do with the financial management of the association or the building. They do not allocate funds and are not responsible for the budget. They are similar to an employee of the building.

Financially, the facilities manager is a captive agent and the boss of the other employees that work at the facility. They will advocate for their own compensation and in some cases, they will advocate for the additional compensation of the other employees at the facility. However, they will be indifferent about the compensation of third party contractors are the facility.

Community Association Manager

The responsibilities of the community association manager are generally much broader and more complex than the facilities manager. They are also responsible to be the primary face for residents to see as the ultimate decision maker and manager of the community in general. If there are major concerns about the way the community is being run, is dealing with the wider world or is helping residents buy or sell, the community manager will take the lead.

The community association manager is ultimately responsible for making sure that residents get all of the services they are entitled to as well. They make sure they get access to their keys, internet, community room etc. They  also make sure that the facilities manager is responsible to tenant requests.

Additionally, the association manager is responsible for making sure the funds coming in are adequate for the facilities manager and their needs. They help to allocate funds and stay within a budget. They must be prudent managers of these assets to maintain the long-term viability of the association.

Community association managers may get certified as well to increase their credibility. They are professionals and generally work in an office.


The community association manager is responsible for the upkeep of the entire community, including the honest provision of services and work from the facilities manager. They are responsible to the tenants and must drive the hardest bargain possible with the employees, contractors and service workers at the property. That ensures tenants pay a low rent or have a high home resale value.

At the same time, they work closely with the facilities manager and their staff. They want to stay on good terms and not aggravate the relationship. They want the entire team to be responsive to their demands.

The facilities manager is responsible to represent their employees when they have problems or issues. They ask for the compensation that the workers deserve. They also ask for fair working conditions and appropriate vacation.

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