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Common Area Solar Lighting | Ideas and Benefits for Your HOA or Condo

by Sandra Vela Mora on Apr 23, 2019 8:04:00 AM

Solar lighting is an eco-friendly way to light your HOA common areas. The large amount of solar light products on the market can easily overwhelm anyone. Identifying the areas you want to illuminate is the first step to choosing the best solar lighting that will best benefit your members. Let's take a closer look at ideas for incorporating solar lighting into your community and how it can benefit the safety and security for everyone.

3 Ideas for Using Solar Lighting for Common Areas

Entrances—The main entrance to your HOA is the first point of welcome for visitors and members returning home from work. Take your welcome sign from harsh, outdated floodlighting to warm and inviting with solar lighting. By strategically placing solar lights among the surrounding landscape, you can highlight the entrance using soft uplighting that produces no glare.

Pathways and Stairways—Properly lit pathways and stairways are essential to preventing falls. Solar lighting can help guide members at night and it is an unobtrusive and decorative option for your HOA. Downlighting placed in trees lights walking trails and pathways, and concrete step lights are barely visible during the day but illuminate outdoor stairs at night. 

Relaxing Spaces—Transform some of your outdoor common areas by using solar lighting to create relaxing spaces. For example, if you have a common area with benches and a water fountain, lighting the area—and the fountain— produces a relaxing and safe place for members to gather or to simply unwind from their day. 

3 Key Benefits for Your Members

Easy Installation—Basic solar lighting is easy to install. The only installation requirement is that the solar panel, located on the top of most models, receive enough sunlight to adequately charge the battery. More advance systems may call for professional installation. 

Saves Money—Outdoor solar lighting is relatively inexpensive and does not require regular maintenance. This type of lighting works with rechargeable batteries serviced by the sun. Solar lighting costs nothing to operate and therefore save associations money on their monthly power bill. 

Safety and Security—Advances in solar lighting provide a variety of options for providing both safety and security for your HOA association. One example of such a product is the Sunix Outdoor Solar Light with Motion Sensor. Installation requires mounting the unit on a wall using two screws. The light produces a dim light when completely dark and a stronger light when it detects motion. The light detects motion from up to 20 feet away. 

The unit requires 2-3 hours of direct sunlight to charge and once charged, produces 6-8 hours of service. Weatherproof, this type of solar lighting is another helpful option for lighting doorways and stairways. 

It is important to remember that solar lighting is dependent upon the weather. While most batteries maintain a healthy supply of power, a long stretch of gray skies may reduce the amount of lighting produced. 

About RealManage

Part of what makes a HOA thrive is how a community looks and how safe members feel living there. Key to that is proper lighting that doesn't break the association budget. Solar lighting is an attractive option for HOAs looking to better illuminate their community and to attract more use of common areas after dark.

Proper property management oversees a variety of complex issues and challenges and involves working closely with boards and association members. At RealManage, our professional and highly experienced team can help your association reach its best potential. 

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