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Emails and Board Records: Best Practices for Protecting Your Association Board Members

by Joseph Hansen on Jul 23, 2019, 8:10:00 AM

In today's busy world and with everyone constantly on-the-go, electronic communication reigns supreme. It's fast, it's easy, but is it legal when it comes to HOA/Condo association board members and emails? Experts say it depends upon the content of the communication and individual state laws. Let's take a closer look at how a simple email can be used against you in court and how to implement best practices for preventing such an instance from happening:

HOA/Condo Board Members and Email 

It is sometimes easy to forget that an association board member is a volunteer. Many board members have work and family commitments. Email communication outside of the standard monthly meetings serves as an essential time-saver for everyone. 

The challenge of board communication via email is that, in states (like Texas) with open meeting laws, is the content of the email. What is the purpose behind the communication among board members? If it is regular communication regarding meeting information such as agendas or copies of the meeting minutes, then the communication is safe.

Where board members encounter trouble is when the communication involves a vote. Voting on an association matter without association members present not only lacks transparency but can violate state law. Any vote conducted in this manner can be subject to discovery in a lawsuit. This means that either the plaintiff or defendant can access the email if it contains information relevant to the case.

Protecting Association Board Members 

Studies show that full-time employees receive an average of 120 emails per day. Factor in texts, calls, and emails from family members and it's easy to get confused on how you replied to any email, particularly one that causes alarm among members. Balancing multiple communications can lead to a breakdown in not only meaning but in the purpose of the message.

Implementing the use of Board Portal is the best practice for protecting your board members. At RealManage, we provide our clients with access to our secure proprietary HOA management software. Board Portal is a one-stop shop for real-time access to all your board's important records and matters concerning everyday business. 

Your volunteer board members will have peace-of-mind that their information is safe, secure, and easily accessible via the portal. No one has the time to delicately manage board emails and other electronic communications. Board Portal saves associations time and money by managing the content within a secure software program.

How to Write Professional Emails - Download Now

How RealManage Can Help 

As a professional property management company, RealManage understands the delicate world in which HOA/Condo boards must operate. In addition to our Board Portal, we offer services designed to help your association thrive. 

The RealManage team takes great pride in their commitment to detail, their experience with the latest technologies, and for their sincere desire for success. A professional property management team is an asset to both association members and board members. A community that feels supported is more likely to relax and enjoy the benefits that the community has to offer. 

To learn more about our services and about Board Portal, contact us today. Requesting a proposal online is easy and only takes a minute of your time. Discover why so many HOA and condo associations choose RealManage for their property management.

Investing in your association by employing a property management company is a smart choice for creating the best community possible. Support your board by providing the guidance it deserves. Streamlining communications, board documents, and more with secure software and receiving professional support is well-worth a proposal request.

Get started today by completing the online proposal request. Someone from our team will contact you with information specific to your community and its needs. We look forward to helping your association soon!

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