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March 3, 2023
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RMFOB Wins FLCAJ Readers' Choice Diamond Award

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FLCAJ Readers' Choice Award

RealManage Family of Brands, a national leader in homeowner association (HOA) and condominium management services, is proud to announce that RealManage and  Evergreen Lifestyles Management earned Diamond-level honors from the Florida Community Association Journal’s (FLCAJ) Readers’ Choice Award. RealManage for the 8th consecutive year Evergreen for its 5th. 

The FLCAJ Readers' Choice Awards acknowledges the hard work and dedication of community association service providers throughout Florida. By recognizing those who show excellence in reliability, fairness, integrity, and proficiency, this program celebrates the unique contributions these providers make to their communities. Companies awarded with this recognition have gone above and beyond to demonstrate their commitment to the associations they serve.

With 11,000 ballots cast by FLCAJ readers, RealManage and Evergreen were among the top companies to receive the award. RealManage’s division president, Wendy Murray, stated, “I am so proud of our team and their commitment to the communities we serve throughout Florida. We are honored to receive this award and give kudos to all of our team members for this achievement.”

RealManage and Evergreen’s team of dedicated professionals is committed to continuing to provide first-rate customer service and innovative solutions that make a real difference in the communities they serve. 

Profiles of advertising winners are at

About the Florida Community Association Journal

A monthly print and digital periodical for over 35 years, Florida Community Association Journal is the leading source of educational information and services for Florida’s 45,000+ community associations. Our readers are condominium and homeowner association board members, community association managers, and service providers for the industry. The print edition is systematically mailed to virtually every board and manager on a rotating circulation.

About RealManage

The RealManage Family of Brands, which includes GrandManors and CiraConnect, is one of the fastest-growing association management companies in the country, currently ranking number three among the nation's HOA/condo management companies. RealManage offers innovative management services to community associations of all types and sizes, including homeowner associations (HOAs), condominium associations, cooperatives, municipal utility districts, and large master-planned communities.

GrandManors is the distinguished community association management division of the RealManage Family of Brands. GrandManors provides dedicated staff and community association management services to luxury high-rises, lifestyle communities, and golf/country club communities.

CiraConnect, is RealManage's proprietary, cloud-based technology. It is the most comprehensive SaaS and Mobile app software provider in the community association industry. CiraConnect allows users to access all pertinent community information at their fingertips anytime, anywhere, and from any device. The technology includes web portals, tablet apps, and smartphone apps for all community constituents, including board members, residents, and service providers.

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