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August 29, 2017
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During the 2017 CAI Austin Conference and Expo, RealManage Central Texas was honored to receive all three awards for individual community management professionals. Even in the midst of such stiff competition, the RealManage team emerged victorious in all individual categories.

The three individual awards were: Portfolio Manager of the Year, Assistant Manager of the Year, and On-site Manager of the Year.
RealManage Austin CAI Winners.jpg

(Pictured from left to right RealManage Central Texas employees Carol Green, Julie Wright, Benjamin Yaeger, Jodie Walker and Wendy Mueller)

Portfolio Manager of the Year – Julie Wright, CMCA®, AMS® - This award acknowledges the top portfolio community association manager who has exhibited the highest level of professionalism, commitment, and service to their communities and residents. Julie manages eleven properties, totaling over 2,400 units at build-out and does so with ease. “She is a true rock star in the community association management industry and continues to delight her client communities” states Benjamin Yeager, Central Texas Division President.

Assistant Manager of the Year – Carol Green - This award recognizes the assistant community association manager who excels in their role of providing support to their company and community association managers. Carol provides support to a portfolio of twenty-nine properties, totaling over 7,800 units at build-out. Benjamin Yaeger, Central Texas Division President states “While this is an incredibly large portfolio, Carol maintains meticulous attention to detail and follow-through that makes her a true asset to RealManage and the communities she serves.”

On-site Manager of the Year – Jodie Walker (Avery Ranch) - This award acknowledges the top on-site community association manager who has exhibited the highest level of professionalism, commitment, and service to their community and residents. This individual excels at providing their community with the knowledge and expertise crucial to the successful operations of the association. Jodie manages Avery Ranch, which is a 4,000 unit community in North Austin. Jodie has been with RealManage/GrandManors for over a decade and this award shows she is truly one of the finest management professionals in the industry.

The Central Texas Division President, Ben Yaeger also adds about the team’s awards: “I am so incredibly proud of Jodie, Julie, and Carol. They are fantastic ambassadors for RealManage, and we are so thankful to have them on our team. It is truly humbling to watch this Austin team invest so heavily in achieving the visions of their client communities.”

About RealManage:

RealManage is a property management company that specializes in an HOA management. We manage hundreds of community associations throughout California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas, and Washington, including homeowner associations (HOAs), condominium associations, cooperatives, municipal utility districts, luxury high-rises and large master-planned communities. 


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