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January 11, 2023
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RMFOB Hires Jacob Bell as Director of CiraConnect Insurance Services

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Plano, Texas - The RealManage Family of Brands is pleased to announce the appointment of Jacob Bell as its new Director of CiraConnect Insurance Services.

Jacob began his career in financial services before transitioning to insurance, where he has built many solid relationships. He now has more than 15 years of insurance experience and has spent over a decade working as an independent insurance agent for commercial lines.

He is excited to join the team and looks forward to contributing to its continued expansion by working hard to bring new insurance clients on board while maintaining positive relationships with CiraConnect’s existing communities. Jacob is also passionate about upholding the company’s commitment to superior customer service.

Jacob shared that he is thankful for the opportunity to grow professionally, and he is eager to see what the future has in store.

Steven Jordan, RealManage Family of Brands Chief Risk Officer, states, “We are so pleased to have Jacob Bell join the RealManage family as head of our CiraConnect Insurance Services division. Jacob brings a wealth of experience from the insurance industry as well as knowledge gained serving as a board member in his own community for many years.”

The entire CiraConnect and RealManage Family of Brands team are confident that Jacob will make a valuable contribution to the organization.

About the RealManage Family of Brands

The RealManage Family of Brands, which includes GrandManors and CiraConnect, is one of the fastest-growing association management companies in the country, currently ranking number three among the nation's HOA/condo management companies. RealManage offers innovative management services to community associations of all types and sizes, including homeowner associations (HOAs), condominium associations, cooperatives, municipal utility districts, and large master-planned communities.  

GrandManors is the distinguished community association management division of the RealManage Family of Brands. GrandManors provides dedicated staff and community association management services to luxury high-rises, lifestyle communities, and golf/country club communities.

CiraConnect, is RealManage's proprietary, cloud-based technology. It is the most comprehensive SaaS and Mobile app software provider in the community association industry. CiraConnect allows users to access all pertinent community information at their fingertips anytime, anywhere, and from any device. The technology includes web portals, tablet apps, and smartphone apps for all community constituents, including board members, residents, and service providers.

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