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Caruso Management Group & ALMA Property Management Becomes RM

by Staff Writer on Jan 16, 2017 8:53:10 AM


RealManage, which specializes in homeowner association and property management services, announced today the official rebranding of both Caruso Management Group and ALMA Property Management Services to RealManage Illinois. Both companies became part of the RealManage family in 2015 and have since successfully transitioned onto the company’s platform.

“My decision to become part of the RealManage family has created a dynamic new path forward for ALMA. RealManage is a company that prioritizes high standards, ethics and respect for family. They are innovative, customer service driven and fully transparent in all aspects of community association management. Our ability to fulfill all aspects of community management while also maintaining customer service as our main focus is what makes RealManage far and above any other management company in our market. I am proud to be part of RealManage and know that our communities will receive the highest level of service. We are a company that cares about our services and our homeowners. We want to be your management company forever,” states Andrea Sorgani, President of the RealManage Illinois - Schaumburg Branch (formerly known as ALMA Property Management Services).

RealManage strives to provide our clients with the best in staff, technology, innovative solutions, and transparency. We pride ourselves on our values of integrity, respect, selflessness, personal relationships, and always seeking to improve.

“Integrating Caruso Management Group and ALMA Property Management Services into the RealManage family has been a terrific addition for our company. We are excited about continuing to serve our wonderful clients in Illinois and growing our operations under the leadership of some of the best industry veterans,” states Chris O’Neill, Chief Executive Officer.  

About RealManage:

The RealManage operating history goes back more than 25 years through our various acquisitions and branch operations. The brand and vision was initially conceived in 2002 and launched in 2004 with our initial acquisition of a highly successful property management company in Austin, Texas. Since then we have grown rapidly through other acquisitions and branch openings across the country to rank as one of the top ten HOA management companies in the nation.

We have maintained a sharp focus on creating a unique advantage with significant investments in world-class, proprietary software and best-practices service platform that has enabled the company to grow rapidly since its founding into one of the top management companies in the U.S.

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