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7 Block Party | Community Ideas For A HOA Summer Party

by Daneen Reinke on Jun 1, 2018 8:04:00 AM

It's summertime and many condominium and homeowners associations across the country are looking to throw a nice summertime get-together for everyone in their community to enjoy. The challenge for many HOAs is figuring out what type of party or event the residents in your community will enjoy. One of the major keys to the event being a success will be that the event is well-attended by those living in the HOA's specific community.

From the classic cookout to a pool party or a family fun day, the options of what type of event is appropriate are really endless. When deciding what, exactly, is an appropriate event for your community association will largely be determined based on the lifestyle the people in your specific community choose to live. The following are7 great ideas for events that a homeowners association can hold to help their residents and local community celebrate summer:


1. Plan A Cookout Event

Planning a classic cookout is always a great way to get everyone in the community excited for summer. Nothing will scream "summertime" like burgers and hot dogs" complete with the fix-ins (i.e. ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, etc.) with some potato salads, macaroni salads, pasta salads, baked beans, salad, and corn on the cob to go along with it. Wash it all down with a variety of beverages including ice waters, ice tea, or even soda. Add some entertainment such as maybe a local band that someone in the community plays in or even some family activities and games that are able to include everyone. It will make for a fun time to socialize with neighbors, enjoy some great food, and get to catch up on recent events in the community.


2. Make It A Pool Party

If your local community has a pool, throwing a pool party can be a great way to start off the summer. Accompanied by classic cookout foods (mentioned above), this can make a great social setting for a summer get-together for everyone in the local community to get together and cool down, especially if it's a hot day. 


3. Plan A Scavenger Hunt

Plan some sort of scavenger hunt that has people team up into small groups of 6-8 people (make sure to include kids if a lot of people in the area have them) and requires them to work together to solve a "mystery" or to follow a series of prompts to help them find the end destination. Just be sure to keep the scavenger hunt to public property and ensure that no one's yard or home is a stomping grounds for the general population unless you get their approval to use their property beforehand. End the entire scavenger hunt at the common spot that was determined with either ice cream or a fun treat to reward everyone who was involved.


4. Have An Outdoor Family Movie Night

An outdoor movie night is a wonderful way to bring everyone together to relax under the beautiful summer sky. If anyone has or can rent a projector and a screen to play it on, everyone can lie out on the grass or sit in the lawn of the local park or common area in lawn chairs to enjoy the movie. Whether it has sound or just a black-and-white motion picture, providing popcorn and sodas as well as other light munchies can make a great movie night for everyone to get together and enjoy the warmer weather that is coming as the summer is rung in.


5. Create A Family Game Day

If your HOA is popular with families including younger children, a carnival or fair-like atmosphere will be a huge hit with the little ones. Parents will love there being something for the kids to do while they are out enjoying each other's company. Providing fun outdoor games for kids of all ages along with small "prizes" or gift bags for everyone participating can make it a fun-filled day for everyone. Top it with some time for the parents to socialize and the neighbors to get together and talk over some refreshments and drinks and it will be a great time for everyone.


6. Host A Sports Day

Host a neighborhood or community sports day for everyone to participate in. Whether you prefer to do something like the family Olympics or invite everyone out to use the community's various sporting facilities such as a golf course or bocce courts, tennis courts, shuffleboard facility, horseshoe games, or other local facilities, ensure to include something for everyone. An open field also makes the perfect place for a baseball, softball, kickball, flag football, or soccer game/tournament event for everyone in the community. Organize different games for different ages and genders at different times throughout the day. If room permits, possibly running more than one division at a time works also. Moreover, when you are done provide snacks and drinks or even dinner to your hungry "athletes" who worked hard all day to make the game day fun and successful as it was.


7. Host a Bonfire Evening

Whether you choose to have songs or stories around the bonfire, roast some hotdogs, s'mores, snacks, and drinks and invite everyone out to enjoy a bonfire and a great evening with their neighbors from their local community. Feel free to put your own twist on the bonfire and add some activtiies that people in your neighborhood or community will enjoy to make the event appealing to everyone. 


These are a few great ideas for some awesome community-wide activities that you can host to help your HOA celebrate the summer season. Depending on your local population and their lifestyles and interests, different activities mentioned above may appeal more to certain communities than others. These are some starting points for some great activities that everyone can enjoy. Be resourceful and customize each idea to fit the needs of your own community to ensure everyone has a great time socializing with their neighbors and getting out in their local communities throughout the upcoming summer season.

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