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6 New Year's Resolutions to Keep a Clean Home All Year Long

by Guest Blogger on Jan 7, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Many of us consider the New Year as a sign to start afresh. And one way to do that is to clean your house. After all, it is likely that you have a holiday mess to deal with. And you do not want to start the new year with a cluttered home. If you want to have a fresh start and clean house, here are some resolutions that you would like to keep.

1. Establish a New Routine Early

You do not have to wait until New Year to start a new cleaning habit. Instead, it would be better to establish a routine as early as the last quarter of the current year. It can be as simple as making your bed after waking up every day. You can also opt to start a weekly cleaning routine. So, by the time the New Year comes in, you have a more streamlined cleaning process.

Another habit you should establish would be scheduling a holiday deep clean. That's because a clean house is easier to decorate and more welcoming once your guests start coming in for the holidays. Moreover, you do not have to start establishing a new cleaning habit alone. It would be best if you have your family with you.

2. Take a Quick Holiday Sweep

It is common to see a lot of mess after celebrating the holidays, and it is okay. What is not okay is not doing anything about it. That said, make it a point to do a first pass at holiday clutter. You can start by putting the decorations away or taking inventory of your holiday gifts.

It would also be best to give away whatever you need to get out of the house. This can be your sugar cookies meant for your colleagues or old clothes that you are ready to donate. Doing so allows you to feel in control of your control. That's because it set your momentum of maintaining a clean house throughout the year.

3. Store Your Items Mindfully

Sure, we only bring out our holiday decorations once every year, and they only last for a month or so. Nonetheless, we bring them out and place them on our walls and Christmas tree with care. Taking that into consideration, it only makes sense to store them with care, as well.

You can be like Mari Kondo, if you want, saying "thank you" to all the decors you used. What's important is that you are not storing your items willy-nilly. It can be as simple as binding your Christmas lights in a cardboard cut-out so it will not tangle. Doing so allows you to declutter with ease and be efficient in bringing them out next year.

4. Replace Old Belongings

We bet that you have been considering replacing some of your belongings even before the holidays loom in. However, it can be expensive to update your belongings. That said, consider yourself lucky if you receive new cutleries or any household items from your friends. This means that you can replace your old items without breaking the bank.

The same thing goes for your clothes. If your kids receive a new pair of pants or shirts from their aunts and uncles, ensure that you are letting go of the same amount of old clothing items. That way, you are making space for new items.

5. Act on Your Unwanted Gifts

Here's the thing: You will not be pleased with all the gifts you will receive this holiday. For instance, your kid might receive a shirt from his aunt that is one size too small. So, what can you do about it? Instead of letting unwanted gifts take space in your house, you can choose between selling or donating your unwanted gifts. That way, you have the opportunity to earn or make other people happy this holiday season.

6. New Year Means a Clean and Organized Home

Starting afresh means starting with a clean slate. And what better way to achieve that than decluttering your house and establishing better cleaning habits? However, starting a new habit does not have to wait until the New Year. You can start building the momentum as early as now. So by the time the New Year rolls in, you are already in the groove of keeping your house clean and clutter-free.

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About the Author:
Robert Helms is a freelance writer based in New Your City whose mission is to help travelers, hostel owners, and house cleaning companies work together. When not writing for clients, he prefers to spend his day cleaning and organizing his own home.

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